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Unfinished Business [the TV series] Coming soon

Unfinished Business [the TV series] Coming soon
Unfinished Business [the TV series] Coming Soon
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COMING SOON Unfinished Business TV Series
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Due to the current pandemic situation, "Unfinished Business" is temporarily on hold. Our Director, and a few of our actors reside in California, and because of various restrictions and safety concerns, they are unable to travel to Florida for filming. We have decided to proceed with filming our mini-series "Backseat to Justice" with local talent and crew while we wait for an all clear. 

Thanks for signing up!!

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Official Unfinished Business Poster
Unfinished Business


We all have things to do…until we die.

When you die, your to do list gets cancelled.

That is, unless your corpse is prepared for burial by Meg Seabury.

A mortician, through an unexplained phenomenon, is compelled to fulfill the final thoughts of the deceased taking her on a journey filled with intrigue, confusion, danger and...murder.

"Unfinished Business" is a supernatural, crime, thriller TV series based on the novel of the same name, written by Flagler Beach author Tim Baker and published by Blindogg Books. The pilot “Kilroy Was Here” is slated to be a 60-minute episode followed by 1-hour episodes for a minimum of two seasons.

Pilot episode: Kilroy Was Here


In February 2020, local Flagler Beach author Tim Baker and film/TV industry professional Stephanie Mazzeo, along with WIFT-FL (Women in Film and Television - Florida) Daytona Branch members Graham Zielinski and Kelly Brownrigg met over dinner to discuss the concept of creating a movie based on Tim's novel "Unfinished Business".


That night, the wheels were set in motion, a Go Fund Me page was created and Blindogg Productions, LLC was formed...


The "original 4" (l-r) Executive Producer Tim Baker, Cinematographer Graham Zielinski, Script Supervisor Kelly Brownrigg, and Executive Producer Stephanie Mazzeo at our second creative team meeting in February 2020.


...and then by March 2020 COVID had flooded the world and all of our plans came to a screeching halt. 


Fast forward to November 2020, when the notion for the project was brought up once again. After another get-together, Tim, Stephanie, Graham and Kelly unanimously supported the idea to create a TV show rather than a film.

While we still deal with the pandemic in 2022, we have put Unfinished Business temporarily on hold until it is safe to bring in our Hollywood team. 

The storyline of "Unfinished Business" has the perfect format for an episodic television series and enough content for a minimum of two seasons with an open option to continue on with additional episodes. 


What happens to your to do list when you die? Mortician Meg Seabury lives a predictable life until she embalms the body of a Vietnam veteran who had kept a secret for over 50 years. Now Meg is compelled to complete a task that had been weighing heavily on the man’s mind.

Time after time, Meg finds herself powerless against acting on the final thoughts of the body she embalms. When she embalms the body of a convicted murderer with revenge on his mind, Meg finds herself in a life-or-death situation that is beyond her control.


Detective Dave Steere is investigating the murder of nightclub owner Mike McMahon. When the evidence begins to point to Meg, his intuition tells him something isn’t adding up. Steere tries to uncover the truth but, will the truth be enough to save Meg?


As with all of Tim Baker's books, the story is based in and around Flagler Beach, Florida.  Utilizing iconic locations and local businesses like the Coquina Coast Brewing Company, Flagler Tea Company, the Golden Lion Café and the landmark A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway, the series will show viewers how much Flagler Beach has to offer its visitors.


We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the attention and excitement "Unfinished Business" has introduced into our communities.

This small, labor-of-love project has swiftly transformed into a full-blown studio style production complete with a Hollywood director and celebrity talent.


Our team has grown from a small, dedicated group of four to a cast and crew totaling over 75 committed individuals... and we're not done yet.

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BTS - Promo Video 2021.jpg


“Truthfully, I've read countless synopses and treatments for series in my career at MGM, Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros., but none better  constructed for a series as this book. A grand premise with never-ending fascinating story possibilities for sure.” ~ Alan J. Levi


In order to meet our financial goals and produce a hugely successful television pilot, it will truly take a village.  


We are reaching out to family, friends and businesses who are interested in being part of and supporting this unique venture in our community. 


Our crowdfunding campaign lists several incentives for your support and additional opportunities are available by contacting us directly.


Your contribution will have a viable impact on everyone involved with this production. The monies will be used to rent the required professional equipment and hire the staff to run it, supply meals to the entire team on set, provide travel and accommodations for out-of-town cast and crew, and clearly help make this TV show the absolute best it can be. 


Any amount you can contribute will make a difference - even $5. You may donate online through our crowd-funding campaign or by contacting us through email for other available options.

If you want to be an integral part of the project, help us raise awareness by donating to or sharing our funding campaign.

Go Fund Me


Collectively, the production team of “Unfinished Business” has a combined variety of experience spanning thousands of hours of network, streaming, motion pictures and cable television. In addition, they have individually participated in over 1000 independent films as producers, production management and production support staff.


Our team is highly committed and thoroughly dedicated to creating a high-quality television production on a low budget. 

We are going to use every possible option from our decades of combined film experience relying on favors, donations and our community to produce this amazing and unique TV show. 

Behind the Scenes.jpg

It’s an uphill battle making an independent production, but with your support in funding our GoFundMe and sharing the project with your friends we can make it a reality!

The Cast 2021.jpg
Director and Special Guest Stars


"I watched the video you sent and I must say I was impressed not only with your participation in the creation of the TV show but I was extremely impressed with Flagler Beach. Over the years I have spent time in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Naples areas. However, the area of Florida I most enjoyed was Key West. Flagler Beach reminded me of Key West and because of my experience in Key West I now have a desire not only to visit with you...but to spend time in the Flagler County area. Compared to the other areas of Florida Flagler seems to be absent the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas."  ~ S.E.

"That's very cool. Thanks for sharing the video. I was curious to see about the project you are involved in as well as the location. Flagler Beach looks like a great place to visit.  The Golden Lion looks like a beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon.  Hopefully we can find the time to get away and come up before too long. Good luck with the project.  I hope to see Unfinished Business on TV or in the theater one of these days." ~ A.H.

Crew Shot Day 1
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