A Blindogg Productions Original Film Noir inspired mini-series coming soon


A lawyer friend of mine once told me, ‘Steve, life ain't fair. It’s just legal.’


Legal or not, what wasn’t fair was me sitting by myself, in a shit-hole bar on a Friday night with an empty glass while Tommy Push Up chats up the barmaid. If I wasn’t on a case I’d get her attention and ruin Tommy’s plans at the same time, but rule number one when you’re tailing somebody - don’t draw attention to yourself. Especially when there are only six people in the joint.



My name is Steve Salem, and I’m a Private Investigator in Flagler Beach, Florida. Most of my days are spent following cheating husbands, and believe me, sometimes it's just not worth the money.  Contrary to popular belief, there are very few car chases and I’ve never had to kick down a door. The work ain't glamorous, but it’s legal, and it pays the bills.

 Influenced by classic Film Noir movies of the 40's and 50's, BACKSEAT TO JUSTICE is an original Blindogg Productions mini-series based on the novel of the same name, written by Flagler Beach author Tim Baker, and published by Blindogg Books.

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Flagler Beach Private Investigator Steve Salem is hired to tail an unfaithful husband. Not the most stimulating work but it supports his lifestyle.


When the subject of his surveillance is lynched right before his eyes, Steve thinks the job is over, until the dead man's widow hires him to find her husband's murderer.


Filled with action, suspense and drama, BACKSEAT TO JUSTICE follows Private Investigator Steve Salem as things go from boring to bizarre when his mark is executed.


Finding the killer is only the beginning of the adventure.

What began as a routine tail job quickly escalates into a multi-layered mystery where nothing is as it seems, and the past is coming back to haunt a lot of people. 

Steve quickly learns two things...

...the past is never that far away and sometimes the law has to take a


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