Blindogg Productions presents the upcoming feature film based on the Tim Baker book

24 MINUTES.png

​In a heart wrenching scenario that is becoming all too familiar, a lone gunman wreaks havoc on a small business, leaving nothing but chaos in his wake.

Seven strangers share what could be the final moments of their lives when a brutal act of violence transforms a routine day at the office into a horrific nightmare.

Faced with the specter of the ultimate end, they are forced to re-examine life’s priorities.

Does anyone really survive?

24 MINUTES is set to be made into a feature film based on the novel of the same name, written by Flagler Beach author Tim Baker and published by Blindogg Books.

Filled with action, suspense and drama, 24 MINUTES takes you through the lives of seven people as they are forced to share their final moments together as strangers while an active shooter waits just outside the door.